Self-Adherent Medical Wrap


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Medical Grade Self Adherent Adhesive – In the production stage, we aim to meet the high standards of hospitals and clinics. Non-sterile and made with hypoallergenic materials.
Highly Elastic, Breathable & Tearable – Allows for a maximum stretch that it’s able to stretch to up to double its un-stretched length, and offering a range of support levels for injured joints. Easy to tear it off by hand. Allowing the skin to breathe and providing more comfort to users.
Easy on the skin – They have the self-adhering ability so that the tape doesn’t loosen and fall off easily, doesn’t have any odor or sticky residue.
Safe & Lightweight Cohesive Tapes for Many Situations – Suitable for sports protection, first aid, sprains and swelling on all parts of the human body, like finger, ankle, wrist, elbow, knee, feet, etc. It also serves as a vet wrap for pets.


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