Rolled Gauze

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[Sterile Absorbent Gauze Roll] – These medical-grade all-purpose premium gauze rolls are safe and trusted by professionals in the health field. These white bandage medical gauze rolls come with its own medical tape for easier application.
[Comfortable Stretchy Gauze Wrap] – Our gauze roll dressing is designed to protect and assist the skin during the healing process. This white roll gauze is made from an elastic and breathable conforming fabric that protects the skin while maintaining proper ventilation.
[Gauze Dressing Roll in Lightweight Breathable Material]- Designed with your safety in mind, we made sure that our white medical gauze is made only of safe, latex-free, medical-grade, and highly absorbent materials. Our white gauze bandage rolls are designed for comfort!
[Highly Absorbent Sterile Rolled Gauze with Micro-Weave Texture] – Our large rolled gauze is made to keep your wound clean, dry and protected from infections. This versatile professional hospital gauze roll is latex free and suitable for surgery after-care. Ideal bandage for a patient recovering at home


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