Heat Pack

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NSTANT HOT THERAPY PACK: Easily activated by squeezing, our hot packs offer instant relief when applied to sore muscles or painful areas that need heat. An excellent choice for home treatment or on-the-go relief, the Medpride heat packs deliver soothing action anywhere you are.
VERSATILE HEAT RELIEF: Our heating bags work great for people with arthritis, it relieves sore or injured back- neck- foot and arm muscles as well as can relieve menstrual abdominal pains. Furthermore, our hot packs can be used to heat your hands or body up during cold seasons or even in the summer before or after your swim to avoid hypothermia.
TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Our instant hot packs can be a perfect traveling accessory for all your travels. Whether you plan to go hiking, camping, trekking or anywhere outdoors- you can use our heating packs for emergency warming up. Plus, you can simply enjoy the soothing relief at work or anywhere you go outside the house.
SUPER EASY TO USE: Our packs offer a foolproof way to get them heated- all you need to do is simply squeeze where the arrows are, knead the pack well to mix the contents and apply on the affected area. Our packs run hot continuously for 30 minutes, at 122 degrees Fahrenheit (44 degrees Celsius). Once you’re done, simply dispose of them-no cleaning or hassle.


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