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Nikki Turpeaux is originally from the great state of Texas. In 1995 Nikki proudly represented her hometown as Miss Houston and was a Top Ten Finalist in the Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant as an accomplished saxophone player. She also survived "Amateur Night" on Showtime at the Apollo at the legendary Apollo Theatre in New York.
Nikki began a successful career in the fields of insurance and premium finance. She relocated to the Atlanta area in 2007 to further her career. With a steady rise in the amount of violent crime against women, and an increase in the amount of travel needed for work, she decided to learn about personal defense and how to shoot for self defense. Her training started with an Introduction to Handguns class at a local gun range.
Upon meeting her counterpart, Mike Rainwater, she quickly realized the difference between training for target shooting and combat-proven defensive firearms training... more specifically-gunfighting. Learning the psychology and physical skills of weapons manipulations became her passion. She has since become a subject matter authority on personal defense training with handguns, shotguns, carbines and the incorporation of MMA ground fighting skills.
Since 2010, Nikki has trained with some of the best in the world. Her experiences include shooting a perfect score on the long range during the Urban Carbine Course at the world renowned Roger's Shooting School. She also trains with Billy Jack Rucks of One Source Progressive Fighting. Realizing that there were almost no female instructors with a deep knowledge, skill set teaching complex defensive skills to everyday women, Nikki felt a calling to make them relatable and obtainable particularly to the women in her circle of influence.

In 2011, Archangel Tactical, LLC was formed and Nikki founded the Get A G.R.I.P.TM Personal Defense & Firearms Training Program. Since then, Nikki has trained hundreds of Women, Men, youth, families and business professionals in the areas of personal defense, concealed carry skills, defensive mindset and defensive firearms manipulation. The program has quickly spread throughout the Southeast and Texas. The Get A G.R.I.P.TM Ladies Program grew so quickly that Nikki left Corporate America in March of 2012 to devote her full attention to pursuing this meaningful journey. The demand for training from Archangel Tactical, LLC's Mobile Training Team is spreading across the US and growing monthly. In addition to FOX, ABC, WSB-TV, Nikki and the Get A G.R.I.P.TM Program have even garnered international media attention (updated media links coming soon).

In January of 2012, Nikki was invited to become a contributor to the Personal Defense Network. The following March she became the first female to film a firearms related instructional DVD with them about Women's Concealed Carry. This DVD will be available through our website soon. In addition to teaching, she enjoys participating in IDPA, Gunfighter League, 3 Gun and various tactical matches. She also still maintains a role as a Certified Preliminary and State Pageant Judge for the Miss America Scholarship Pageant Organization. In an effort to maintain her efforts of volunteerism and community service, the Get A G.R.I.P.TM Foundation partners with community organizations to assist victims of domestic violence and other needs based organizations to render appropriate levels of training for individuals or families in need.
See how these aspects fit together in this "Beauty & Bullets" feature by ABC News. Nikki Turpeaux is available for media requests, speaking engagements and custom tailored training programs for individuals, businesses or groups upon request and pending availability. For more information about any of the Archangel Tactical, LLC or Get A G.R.I.P.TM Programs, please email to
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Affiliate Instructor - Tactical Programs

Mike is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He joined the Marine Corps in 1992. In 1995 he graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After graduation he attended the US Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and was commissioned in 1998. After receiving his commission, he attended the Marine Corps Infantry Officer’s course. While on active duty, Mike served in various infantry and special operations units and participated in operations around the world; including combat and security operations in Kosovo, Eastern Africa, and Iraq. During his years of service, Mike received extensive training and instructor certifications in multiple areas; including close quarters combat, urban combat, advanced close quarters marksmanship and various other specialized conventional & unconventional warfare skills.
After leaving the Marine Corps in 2005, Mike worked as a U.S. Government contractor and received extensive training in executive protection, high threat security operations, and received instructor certifications in multiple areas of expertise. On his last tour, Mike was a member of an elite Counter-Narcotics unit that operated throughout Afghanistan.Having conducted combat and security operation throughout the world, Mike is a professional that is highly regarded by his peers in the firearms and tactical training industry.






Affiliate Instructor
          Founder - OSPF         
Billy Jack Rucks is the founder and head instructor for One Source Progressive Fighting. Billy Jack has over 27 years in combative training in multiple disciplines including instructor certifications in Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, along with NRA Firearms certifications, S.W.A.T. training, and Weapons and Assault Readiness.   Billy Jack has extensive experience teaching over 50 Federal, State and Local Tactical Law Enforcement groups. Mr. Rucks has worked with Georgia Tactical Officers Association as a CQC (Close Quarter Combat Instructor). Mr. Rucks is also a member in the Georgia Association of Defensive Tactics Instructors. Some of the Agencies that have contracted OSPF for training are Department of Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshals, FBI Task Force, ATF, SWAT, DEA and over 50 Law Enforcement departments. Mr. Rucks has also worked with Elite Military Units including Weapons of Mass Destruction Units, Army Rangers and Special Forces Units. Billy Jack is a tremendously talented instructor and true professional. We are blessed to have him as a part of our team.